Marathon Girl!

A HUGE welcome inside the Marathon Girl® Training and Supporters Community….

We are SO excited to officially be in your corner (and our whole community of MG’s) to help you achieve your Marathon Running Goal!

We’re here for YOU, MG.  To help you train smarter not harder and to celebrate your wins on the good running days, and to share your struggles on those harder days.

Because let’s face it … We can’t promise you that every day you are going to feel amazing when training for a marathon!

By taking this step, you’ve officially agreed to take a path less-travelled…..

A path of actually running a marathon, not just talking or dreaming about it!

But what we CAN promise you is, it’ll be worth it!  The feeling you get when you cross that finish line of a marathon.. no-one can ever take that away from you.

And the great thing is… you don’t have to go it alone.

Trust us, we know what that is like L

Sure, we were able to figure out, but golly damn it, it was hard that first time, having no support, training program that were not suited to the fact we ARE female and our busy lifestyle.. and no friends who truly understood WHY we wanted to run a marathon!

But this is before we met each other and created this community of Marathon Girls … so you can kiss those days of running your marathon alone, now that you’ve joined this tribe of likeminded and really cool marathon girls who are cheering YOU on.

So congratulations for being brave, courageous and an amazing action-taker.  We are so proud of you. J.

So let’s go – let’s get you on the path to your marathon goal.

Flip this note over and have a read of what steps to take next….

(you may have already done these though.. after all – you are an action-taker!

We can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Kerry & Jen xx

Your Key Steps


WWW - www.marathongirlshop.com/?/register/mg-community If you have not set up your Marathon Girl® account, please use the link (URL) above to set up your account and log into the members area. Once you have done this you’ll be ready to start training smarter not harder.


WWW - www.marathongirlshop.com/my-account/ Once you have set up your account you can log into your account by using the link above. Click the “My Training Programs” or “Dashboard” button to get access to the training area.


FACEBOOK – fb.com/groups/marathongirl Join the private Marathon Girl® Training and Support Facebook Group. Post a selfie and introduce yourself. Tell us what your Marathon goals are. Be part of the community, learn, get support, share your wins and challenges.


Email – [email protected] If you have any questions or would like any help please reach out to us using the above email or post questions in the group. We would LOVE to get to know you better and how we can help you achieve your marathon goal. x