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Please read this before you start your marathon training. There are a couple of things you need to understand and calculate before you start. Don’t panic you will probably only have to refer to this document the first couple of weeks and then you should be well versed to understand key terms like a pro!! Trust me this grounding will strengthen the foundation and have you running the best marathon you possible can in the safest possible way! Also please note you are advised to seek medical advice before undertaking any training plan!

Happy and Safe Training x

Marathon Training Programs

Beginner’s Marathon Training

Intermediate Marathon Training

Advanced Marathon Training

Before you get started on any of the programs, make sure you read this first.

Nutrition Program

This program is designed to get your body into shape for your Marathon or Event. The 12-Week program will focus on helping you lose those few extra pounds by teaching your body to metabolise fat first – all the while without risking your marathon results.

If you want a leaner, fitter more fighting body to get you through your training, then this program is for you. We take the guess work out of what you need to eat for best performance, so you can concentrate on your training.

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