I can’t wait for you to have a sneak peak of my training programs.

These programs are all in my Complete Marathon Girl Training Program
You can find out more on my masterclass.

You can find out more on my masterclass you can get access right here:

4-Day Training Week First Month Sample

Keep in mind, the training plans come with full instructions, exercise examples etc. in the full program … this is just a sneak peek into what it looks like. So you can see how achievable it is whatever level of running you are at. We also have a pre-training program available if you are more than 20 weeks out from your marathon.


You are relatively new to running and have not run a marathon before. This program is for you.


You can comfortably run for over 40 minutes. This one is for you.


You can comfortably run for over 90 minutes. You have run one or more marathons and are looking to improve your time for your next marathon.

If You Have Any Questions About Which Program is for You, Then Please Contact Me

Marathon Girl Nutrition Plan – First Week

This nutrition plan is available in my Complete Marathon Girl Training Program. It is designed to help you burn fat fast, get lean and run better. It is broken into stages for maximum fat burning with the first week being the detox week. See Sample

I know you are going to LOVE the Complete Marathon Girl Training Program… it’s not just a marathon training program, it’s a movement to change the way women train for marathons, it’s a community to help and support each other on our marathon journey!

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If you want to find out more make sure you jump on the on-demand masterclass here

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